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No alcohol, marijuana or other controlled substances | please do not bring alcohol, marijuana, or any other controlled substances into the studio or the building. Doing so is a violation of our Liquor License and puts us at risk of losing our license and no longer serving you joy and happiness!

NO SMOKING INSIDE | including vaping, incense burning or using fog/smoke machines in the studios, common areas, and vestibules

If you'd like to smoke | please use designated outside areas. Reservation holders will be liable for any damages, fees, or fines associated with violating the no smoking policy (including the arrival of the Lafayette Fire Department).

Free load-in and load-out time | arrive 15 minutes early to load in and stay 15 minutes afterward to load out on either end of your reservation time. We must charge for any additional time you stay in the studio beyond that.

No discrimination | Dog House Music is a hate-free zone. All ages, abilities, genders, colors, creeds, religions, and orientations are warmly welcomed.

Trash + recycling | Each studio has a trash + recycling bin. Please place food trash in outside receptacles, not in the studios. 

Sound boards | the MIDAS mixers in Studio A and The End Studio are only to be operated by Dog House Music staff or authorized parties. Reservation holders will be held financially responsible for any damage caused by violating this rule.

Cable routing | please do not change any cable routing without notifying Dog House Music staff. This includes connections to large mixers, and cabling between amp heads and cabs. 

Studio reset | please be courteous to the next session by leaving the studio the way you found it. Return mic stands, amps, cables, and any accessories to their previous arrangement. We offer a free 15-minute load out time for this! 

Liability | by entering our facility, you agree that Dog House Music Studios and its affiliates are not liable for:


  • lost or stolen property

  • broken personal property both on and off premises 

  • any equipment that is not property of Dog House Music

  • injuries or criminal incidents on property or off property


Additional services | A few of our services require an additional fee beyond studio space rental fees. These include but are not limited to:


  • audio engineering for multi-track recording
  • technical assistance with mixing equipment beyond 30 minutes of initial sound check

  • OpenLive recording services

  • videography services

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