is to give musicians the freedom to create, the power to perform, and the space to come together.


How can we make you sound good, look good, find your listeners, and have a blast while you make your music? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. Our studios are your Wonka Chocolate Factory and we’re Willy Wonka himself, ready to guide you through the bizarre and titillating music studio playground. That’s why you’re here, reading yet another about us page

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Liz doesn’t think music studios need to be pretentious, intimidating, or overpriced to make bands and artists sound good and look good. Her vision for Dog House Music is to create a community for local and touring musicians alike where they can come to feel at home. To find Liz when she’s not at Dog House, check the ski lifts, hiking trails, or the bar. Fact: she’s a wanna-be fiddle player, and she can do the worm.

51% owner + 100% marketer


Kenny cares about you and your music, deeply (creepy). He thinks music studios are incubators for creativity, and can be anything you need them to be: music venue, sound stage, dance hall, gathering space, work station, or comedy club.  If you make music, Kenny wants to listen to it, he wants to meet your band, he wants you to play a live show, and he wants to make you famous. If you’re looking for Kenny, you’ll always find him at Dog House Music.


49% owner + 100% business ops



100% lead audio engineer

John is excited about the way you sound. Do you want a groovy single? A killer EP, an album that takes you to the moon? John Remington will record your music and sit next to you while, together, you mix, master, add, subtract, ponder, consider, and edit your track to craft the result you want. John is a music producer and recording engineer schooled at Berklee College of Music. He wants to offer you all the tools out there to get you what you want; sound reinforcement, monitor mixes, multi-track recording, mixing, mastering, pre-production, post-production, music theory input, songwriting, sound concepts. John has produced many recordings, including Bumfuzzle by Sponkers, Setting Fires by Danielle Angeloni, and Sternum Brainpower by The Savage Detectives. Have you seen John play bass? You should.


50% studio manager + 50% assistant audio engineer

Ty is your Willy Wonka, your Tenzing Norgay, your Spirit Animal  guiding you through the musical playground. Ty is in the business of customizing your experience at Dog House. He will greet you at the door, set up your studio, soundcheck your rehearsal, and run your live audio to your exacting specifications. Ty will offer you coffee, find you a double kick pedal or a different guitar amp, and capture video for your Instagram story. Are you recording? Ty will be there, by John’s side, making sure you are caffeinated, happy, and getting every ounce of greatness out of your performances. Ty has 10+ years of experience in songwriting and music production, and 10+ years as a recovering guitar addict. Whether you wanted one or not, Ty is your new best friend. When he's not working, you can find him in the control room spending his paychecks on music gear he doesn’t need, or rehearsing with his band Shady Oaks (streaming on all platforms).

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