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Have a listen to some of the tracks we've worked on and check out our Spotify playlist made up of our recording clients.

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Our recording studio includes:


Control Room with customized listening environment

Isolation Booths to record individual instruments or vocals

Live Room to record the full band or ensemble

Windows between the live room, isolation booths and control room allow musicians to see and interact with each other and with their engineer during recording

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We hold you and your creativity in the highest regard, and will always treat you with respect, professionalism, and kindness. Throughout the recording process we will work collaboratively with you to add, subtract, ponder, consider, and refine (or not)! your music to craft the audio result that you want. You will always have our full attention and we strive to cultivate a safe, supportive, fun, imaginative, and collaborative environment in which to work and create.  


Basics Session | Your basics session will be your first tracking session with us and will lay the foundation for our work together on your track(s) for the project. We ensure that each performer fully understands their role(s) in the recording process and feels comfortable, safe, and energized at the studio. Your basics session will usually be 6 to 8 hours and you’ll work directly with our Lead Engineer. This session is the best time to voice any desires, ideas, fears, and hopes that weren’t addressed during the Consultation Meeting for the project, so please don’t be shy or hold back. 

Fresh-Off-The-Mics Bounce | We'll send you a bounce of what we accomplish during your Basics Session. This bounce is called the “Fresh-Off-The-Mics” bounce. This is not mixed, this is not edited, this is just for you to enjoy while you track overdubs and wait for Mix 1. 

Overdubs Sessions | Overdubs sessions are tracking sessions with a single musician/performer at a time (others are welcome to sit in on these sessions) and will focus on perfecting vocals, solos, riffs, or other specific tracks.

MIX 1 | Within two weeks of your final tracking session you’ll receive Mix 1.  This mix will include the editing we believe necessary for the track to function maximally based on your pre-production notes and our expertise. Next we’ll need your mix notes!

Mix Notes | If you have technical language to use for these notes, please use it! HOWEVER,  we find that mixes come out better if the notes speak on metaphorical levels as well. An ideal mix note  looks like this:  “turn the snare down and make it feel like a pop-over fresh out of the oven, right now it’s more of a shot of whisky than it should be.”

Mixing Techniques + Effects | Mix 1 will likely contain a handful of tasteful effects, but effects really are a matter of taste. We believe that working in the studio means creating sound that genuinely supports the message and emotions in the music. Artists tend to worry about being able to recreate their records in a live performance. While that is a valid worry, it is also one that can stifle the creativity that leads to a multi-platinum record. Our aim is to strike a nice balance. 

Critical Feedback | Letting us know that you’re not digging some of the effects or techniques we’ve applied to your track is perfectly acceptable and will not hurt our feelings. We want to give you the product that you want!

MIXES 2 + 3 | We’ll send you Mix 2 within two weeks of receiving your notes from Mix 1. Mix 2 will likely be your Final Mix, but if we're still working to perfect the track, we'll do another round of mix notes and edits to achieve your deal Final Mix.

Final Mix | This is the mix that feels just right! This is what you’ll send off to your Mastering Engineer (we prefer not to master tracks we’ve recorded and mixed).  Reaching the Final Mix is our happy place and we’re very excited to work with you to reach this point!




John Remington is a music producer and recording engineer from Evergreen, CO. He has been playing musical instruments all of his life and by now is quite proficient on over 10 instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, and trumpet. John is always up for writing instrumental or vocal parts for your track! He received his audio production degree from Berklee College of Music, with a minor in acoustics and electronics. John is ready and excited to provide you with sound reinforcement and monitor mixes, multi-track recording, mixing and mastering, pre- and post-production, and music theory conceptions.

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