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Do rehearsal studios come with equipment?

What's the difference between Practice Studios B + D

  • These two studios are nearly identical and include all of the same equipment and instruments

What's the difference between Stage Studio A and the Practice Studios?

  • Our Practice Studios are smaller (250 sq ft) and don't offer stage monitor mixes or a full sound check. These studios are best for jamming, writing sessions, and workhorse sessions

  • Stage Studio A is larger (700 sq ft) and resembles a live music venue with a full performance stage, stage lighting, stage monitors for customized monitor mixes (or bring your in-ears) and a full soundcheck. This studio is best for prepping for shows and tours. 

Can I book a 3-hour rehearsal in the Practice Studios?

  • Unfortunately, you can't. We only offer four daily rehearsal sessions in our Practice Studios at 12:30PM,
    3PM, 5:30PM, and 8PM. Feel free to book two back-to-back sessions!

Can I book two back-to-back rehearsal sessions in the Practice Studios?

  • Yes!

Can I record in the Practice Studios and Stage Studio A?

  • These studios are not great for recording in. They aren't treated for sound absorption or acoustics like our recording wing studios. Of course, if your heart is set on recording in our rehearsal studios, you are welcome to bring your own setup and hit record!

Can I rent Stage Studio A to shoot video?

  • Yes! Stage Studio A has a great look and feel for live performance video and lots of bands and artists have filmed DIY video content from that studio. You're also welcome to bring your own videographer. We only offer our videography service in our recording wing.

Can we rehearse later than 10PM or earlier than 12:30PM?

  • Nope, our studio hours are 12PM to 10PM daily! 

If I rent Stage Studio A for multiple days, can I keep my gear set up overnight?

  • Yes! 

Do you have parking space for tour buses and trailers?

  • Yes! We are located in a quiet Tech Center with lots of private and secure parking


Where can I learn more about your recording services?

What are your recording rates?

  • Recording (tracking + overdubs) | $75/hour

  • Mixing Package | $350/song

  • Hourly Mixing | $75/hour

  • Mastering Package | $60/song

  • Hourly Mastering | $75/hour

  • Production Package | $300/song

How long will it take to record one song?

  • It truly depends on the complexity of the song, the instrumentation, how well rehearsed the musicians are, and how efficiently the band or artist likes to work. Generally, we can track, overdub, mix, and master a song in a few weeks.

Why do I have to schedule a pre-production meeting in order to book a recording session?

  • We have all of our clients (new and returning) come in for a free pre-production meeting ahead of each new project so that we can get inside your head and understand your vision and ideas and prep for the project accordingly

Do you offer mixing and mastering?

  • Yes!


Where can I check out your Rehearsal Memberships?

How much do I save by getting a Rehearsal Membership compared to booking individual rehearsal sessions?

  • Solo Membership | you save $20 per rehearsal (50%)

  • Locals Membership | you save $10 per rehearsal (16%)

  • Tour Band Membership | you save $25 per rehearsal (25%)

Do I get any other discounts or perks with my membership?

  • Yes!

    • a 10% discount on all of our studio services, including recording, content creation studio, and private events

    • we'll promote your upcoming shows, new music releases, new video content, and new merch

    • a Dog House Music t-shirt and sticker

Do my unused rehearsals roll over from month-to-month?

  • Nope, your membership resets each month

How do I reschedule a rehearsal booking that I made using my membership?

  • You can log into your account here and reschedule or cancel your rehearsal session up to 48-hours in advance

I have a Solo Membership, can I bring in other musicians?

  • Nope, we offer a majorly discounted rate for our Solo Membership because it's just for one person! If you need to book a separate session for 2+ people you can book that here.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • You can log into your account here and cancel or freeze your membership any time! Lots of folks cancel their memberships if they're headed out on tour for a while.


Where can I learn about your Artist-in-Residence memberships?

Do you have any open Artist-in-Residence studios at the moment?

  • Probably not (they get rented quickly!) but we're happy to add you to our waiting list, you can email or text us to be added to the list

What's the difference between a rehearsal membership and an Artist-in-Residence membership?

  • Rehearsal membership offer discounted rehearsal session time in our hourly rehearsal studios. You're welcome to bring instruments and gear (or use ours!) and these studios don't offer any storage and must be booked within our daily operating hours (12PM - 10PM).

  • Artist-in-Residence members have 24/7 access to a private studio space at Dog House Music where they can rehearse, store their equipment, and collaborate with other musicians and artists 

What perks come with the Artist-in-Residence Membership?

What are the terms of the Artist-in-Residence Membership? Can I cancel any time?

  • The membership is month-to-month and you can cancel with 30 days of notice. The membership begins on the first day of the month and auto renews each month on the first.


Where can I learn more about your Content Creation Studio services?

What are your Content Creation Studio services and rates?

  • Content Creation Studio rental | $75/hour

  • Recording add-on | $25/hour

  • Lighting Engineer add-on | $25/hour

  • Live Audience members add-on | $75/hour

What can I do in your Content Creation Studio?

  • Bring a videographer or photographer along to shoot:

    • live performance video

    • music video

    • sizzle reel

    • TikTok and IG content

    • YouTube series

    • Podcast or Vodcast

    • Photo shoots

    • Photography for album artwork

    • Promo material for upcoming tours, new music releases, or show dates

Can I rent your Content Creation Studio to use with my own videographer or photographer?

  • Yes! Please bring along a videographer or photographer or creative team! We don't offer any video or photo services.

Do I get all the audio stems from my studio session?

  • Yes, if you purchase our Recording add-on service we'll multitrack record your live performance and send .mp3 and .wav files from each input.

Do you offer post-production mixing and mastering for my recorded audio?

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