Image by Jon Moore

Create professional live-in-studio video clips that showcase your sound + style. 


Shoot multi-angle video of your live studio performance, plus multi-track audio. We shoot live in our sound stage studio using Sony and Birddog cameras and customized studio lighting, plus our live studio recording setup.


You'll receive unedited broadcast-style video, similar to a livestream production, perfectly synced with a rough stereo mix of your live audio recording. Elevate your press kit + social media content, and showcase your talent for booking agents and promoting your upcoming shows and new music releases. 

  • DELIVERABLE | multi-angle broadcast-style video footage perfectly synced to your live audio mix

  • PRODUCTION DAY | includes a full sound check with customized monitor mixes, multi-track audio recording, and multi-angle video shoot

  • VIDEO | includes four camera angles: close-up shot of each performer, a wide-angle shot, a soloist shot, and a vocalist/lead performer shot

  • AUDIO | a rough stereo mix of your live performance, perfectly synced to your video

  • POST-PRODUCTION | we do not offer any video editing or video post-production services, but we'll happily refer you to folks we partner with