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Image by Jon Moore

Create a professional live performance video to showcase your sound and promote your music.


We shoot multi-angle video of your live studio performance AND multitrack record your live audio. Our sound stage studio includes Sony and Birddog cameras and customized studio lighting, plus our live studio recording setup.


You'll receive an unedited broadcast-style video, similar to a live stream production, perfectly synced with a stereo mix of your live audio. 

  • DELIVERABLE | multi-angle broadcast-style video footage perfectly synced to your live audio mix

  • PRODUCTION DAY | includes a full sound check with customized monitor mixes, multi-track audio recording, and multi-angle video shoot

  • VIDEO | includes up to five camera angles: a close-up shot of each performer, a wide-angle shot, soloist shots, and a vocalist/lead performer shot, plus drum cam shot!

  • AUDIO | a stereo mix of your live performance, perfectly synced to your video

  • POST-PRODUCTION | we do not offer any video editing or video post-production services, and we'll happily refer you to folks we partner with if you'd like video post-production 



Echoes of Zeppelin- by Ancient Echoes feat. Melly Frances

Echoes of Zeppelin- by Ancient Echoes feat. Melly Frances

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