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Unlock Your Voice Masterclass

A Masterclass for Vocalists & Performers

  • Starts Jul 22
  • 400 US dollars

Available spots

Service Description

An intensive 4-day vocal masterclass designed to transform your voice and performance skills. Tailored for vocalists and aspiring singers eager to dive deep into the mechanics of their voice and elevate their stage presence. Sessions begin at 7:30PM each evening. DAYS 1 & 2: Vocal Techniques Anatomy of the Voice: Understand the physical structures involved in producing sound and how they function. Breathing for Singers: Learn proper breathing techniques to support vocal production and maintain control. Mastering Your Chest Voice: Develop strength and resonance in the lower register of your voice for a fuller sound. Mastering Your Falsetto Voice: Explore techniques to strengthen and control your falsetto register for versatility in your vocal range. Upper Extension for High Voices: Expand your vocal range and develop control over higher notes with exercises tailored for upper extension. Singing Vowels: Practice shaping and sustaining vowel sounds to improve clarity and resonance in your singing. Beginning Coordination: Refine coordination between breath support, vocal cords, and resonance for a balanced and controlled vocal technique. DAY 3: Performance Techniques & Singing While Playing Learn the art of delivering captivating performances. Cover everything from dynamic stage presence to the multi-tasking prowess needed to sing and play an instrument simultaneously. DAY 4: Showcase Performance Put everything you’ve learned into practice. Perform in front of an intimate audience, applying your new skills in a supportive environment. WHO SHOULD ATTEND This masterclass is ideal for anyone looking to improve their vocal technique, understand the technical aspects of vocal performance, or simply gain confidence in their singing abilities, including music producers seeking to enhance communication with singers and deepen their understanding of the singing voice. Note: This course does not cover metal singing or scream techniques. INSTRUCTOR Joshua South, is a singing teacher and opera singer who has performed with 50 Cent, Paul McCartney, Kelli O’Hara, Kelsey Grammar, Brian Dennehy, and many other world class singers and conductors at many world class venues like Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Joshua holds a Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music and a Bachelor of Music degree from Birmingham-Southern College. He currently teaches private singing and music lessons in Boulder, CO.

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Cancellation Policy

REHEARSAL | cancel or reschedule your rehearsal session online or by texting or calling us at 720-864-0650 or emailing at least 48 hours ahead of your session start time in order to successfully reschedule your session OR receive a full refund. RECORDING/MIXING/MASTERING + PRIVATE EVENTS | cancel or reschedule your recording, mixing, mastering, videography, or private event reservation by texting or calling us at 720-864-0650 or emailing at least 14 days ahead of your reservation start time in order to successfully reschedule your session OR receive a full refund.

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