Team Rock Testimonials

“The jam session we attended was not only fun, but gave me a really different perspective relating to the importance of teamwork and the finished product. Knowing that there is a time to lead and a time to step aside and allow another to fill that position, just knowing how important it is to work that closely with your coworkers gave me a real sense of accomplishment.” (Ronn, Director of Plant Operations)

“The Dog House Music crew was fantastic. They created a custom corporate geek teambuilding event for our group of engineering directors. In just a few hours, we were able to play together as a 7 piece band, and compose and perform our own song. We learned about music, stage presence, and communication in a fun and supportive environment. It was an unforgettable experience.” (Sherisse, VP Software Development, Time Warner Cable)

“It was really fun to see everyone get out of their comfort zone. We have a really strong team with strong leaders, so it was interesting to see everyone be uncomfortable together.” (Will, healthcare industry)

“The discussion about communication between team/band members was excellent. I could recognize my staff when they talked about roles of different band members. Overall, everyone had a really good time. Almost everyone said they would like to do it again.” (Gwen, Facility Administrator, healthcare industry)

“I must admit I was skeptical at first on how a team building session could be pulled off in a music studio, but the group did a great job with it. I really enjoyed the Dog House team’s patience with all of us and how they really made us feel at ease. I never would have expected to be able to perform as a group at the end of a brief afternoon session on an instrument that I had never touched before.” (Jacque, Registered Dietitian)