Team Rock Packages

TEAM ROCK Band Camp – for groups comfortable playing instruments. In this program, you will work as a group to write original music (with help from our coaching staff) and perform it at the end of the session. Suggested minimum time for this program: 8 hours.

TEAM ROCK Jam Session – for groups who do not play instruments. In this program, our staff will introduce you to the key instruments of rock music, and help you learn the basics of playing music as a group. The session culminates in a jam session led by our staff, and includes coaching on how the lessons of teamwork apply to your work environment. Suggested minimum time for this program: 4 hours.

Staff Reward Package – for everyone. This party package includes use of our video-gaming suite for interactive music performance gaming, and use of our showcase studio for live music or D.J. This program can also be tailored to include musical instruction or performance by your corporate band!