Team Rock FAQ


How long is the TEAM ROCK experience?
We recommend that you allot at least 4-8 hours, depending on the package. We are happy to accommodate your needs, and can create a custom package for your group based on your desired time frame.

What size groups can attend?
We can accommodate up to 40 attendees at our site, with activities taking place in small groups.

My staff don’t play instruments/are intimidated/are not very enthusiastic.
That’s okay! Our most popular package (the TEAM ROCK Jam Session) assumes that all participants are beginners. Our program is structured to allow even the least musically-inclined person to fully participate and contribute to the group musical effort (and have fun!)

Are food and drinks served?
We provide snack breaks and refreshments (non-alcoholic).You may also bring and serve food and drink, including alcoholic refreshments if desired.

What are the fees?
We charge a base fee to cover the space and supplies, plus a tiered fee based on attendance. Please call us to discuss your group’s needs, so that we can provide an accurate quote.

Where does your program take place? Can you come to our facility?
TEAM ROCK is held in our 17-studio facility in Lafayette, Colorado. We are happy to create a custom program at your facility if desired – please contact us for a quote including transportation and other associated costs.