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Boulder Creek Festival – May 25-27, 2013
We’ll sponsor the Teen Stage – stop by for free lessons or just to throw down a few guitar licks in the shade.

Capitol Hill People’s Fair – June 1-2, 2013
We’ll have a booth behind the main stage – come by the say hi, and check out some of the best local bands.

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Newspaper + Blog Coverage

Rocking Summer Camps Teach Kids Music Know-how. Boulder Weekly, 3/1/2012. “Lennox runs Dog House Music Rock & Roll Camp, where kids can learn how to play rock music without deafening their parents. Whether they’re strumming a guitar, slamming the drums or thrashing their hair back and forth, they get to crank up the volume and pour their energy into their passion.”
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Lafayette’s Dog House Rocks Fox. Colorado Hometown Weekly, 11/15/2011. “Rocking out on a smoke-filled stage, lights shining and music blaring is a dream for any aspiring teen performer and, for four bands, it was reality last weekend.'”
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10 Extraordinary Adventures. Yellow Scene Magazine, 3/1/2011. “Dog House is happy to accept not just guitars, basses, keyboards and drums – but any instrument your kid can pick up from an electric violin to a ukulele. Once they’ve been through the basics, Dog House also offers spring and fall intensive programs for bands who want to keep on rocking.'”
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All-Girl Rock Music Camp Launches in Lafayette. Daily Camera, 8/13/2010. “She hopes in the future, people don’t look back and say, ‘That was a good girl band.’ She hopes they simply say, ‘That was a good band.'”
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My Favorite Guitar Hero. Mile High Mamas, 6/22/2010. “Here is my proof that Dog House Music was one of the best things to happen to Ryley’s musical education: When he took the stage with his band, The Legendary Jets, and played the first note on his guitar? I totally cried.”
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Young Rockers Taking Stage in Boulder. Daily Camera, 6/17/2010. “The young musicians say they’re inspired by successful acts with local roots, such as Rose Hill Drive, The Fray and 3OH!3, as well as a community with an appreciation for the arts and well established youth music programs. In fact, several bands sprouted from camps at centers like Dog House Music in Lafayette.”
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This One Time, at Band Camp. Yellow Scene Magazine, 3/15/2010. “On my first night of band camp, I pull up to the parking lot of an industrial-looking office complex in Lafayette in the dark of a winter Wednesday night. Only one shop still has any lights on: Dog House Music.”
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Men We Love: Rock Out with Gary Lennox. Boulder Women’s Magazine, 6/13/2009. “A musician and giver? We wanted to know more about this man who is bringing peace and music to Boulder’s youth, so we asked him five questions about life and music.”

Best of Boulder ‘09. Boulder Weekly, 5/1/2009. “Parents feed, clothe and love their children. Teachers look out for children’s educations. Doctors watch over their health. But Lennox watches over kids’ dreams, believing in their abilities with every fiber of his very large heart.”

What I Did Last Summer: Camp Essays from Area Families. Yellow Scene Magazine, 12/16/2008.
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Forget the s’mores ‘n’ snakes — let’s rock! Denver Post, 7/6/2008. “Adolescents are primed for activities that reflect the noisy, messy changes inside their brains. Enter the rock ‘n’ roll summer camp.”
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Best of Boulder ‘08. Boulder Weekly, 5/1/2008. “Our staff thinks that the camp we would have liked to have attended as a kid is the Dog House Music Rock and Roll Camp.”

Dog House: Where Your Rock & Roll Dreams Come True., 4/14/2008. “A rock-star birthday party at the newest ultra-cool birthday party venue, Dog House Music.”

Kick out the jams: Summer camps teach kids how to rock, fiddle and bow. Longmont Times-Call, 3/28/2008. “One of the biggest rock ’n’ roll camps in the metro region takes place at Dog House Music in Lafayette.”

In the Dog House. Boulder Weekly, 3/13/2008. “Now the owner of Dog House Music, Lennox continues to pass the rock ’n’ roll dream along in hopes that other kids will find inspiration and a sense of purpose through rock music.”

Summer Camp Rock Stars. Yellow Scene Magazine, 3/5/2008. “The five Boulder-area high schoolers met in a unique summer camp, Dog House Rock & Roll Camp, designed to morph Guitar Hero superstars from the garage to the recording studio.”
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Better than band camp. Rocky Mountain News, 8/27/2007. “Schools of rock” immerse students in the collaborative experience.

Being in the Dog House never been so fun. Broomfield Enterprise, 6/15/2007. “Lafayette studio has kids ready to rock.”

Best of Boulder ‘07. Boulder Weekly, 5/3/2007. “Kids looking to live the rock & roll dream need look no further than Doghouse Music, which is quickly becoming one of Boulder’s favorite summer camps.”

We all just wanna be big rock stars. Boulder Weekly, 4/26/2007. “At Dog House Music, Gary Lennox and crew are working to make teens’ dreams come true.”

Kids Incorporated. Westword, 10/19/2006. “Dog House Music trains tomorrow’s stars.”
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Rock & roll dreaming. Boulder Weekly, 5/11/2006. “Dog House Music seeks funding for scholarships to inspire future rock stars.”
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Dog House Rock. Boulder County Business Report, 9/2/2005. “People who enjoy silence near their homes should thank Gary Lennox.”

Turn it down, tune it up. Daily Camera, 6/13/2004.”Gary Lennox hopes to bolster Boulder County’s music scene by luring raucous rockers out of their parents` cramped basements and cluttered garages, and into state-of-the-art, soundproofed rehearsal rooms.”

TV Coverage

Battle of the Bands Week. CW2 Daybreak on the Deuce w/Chris Parente, 5/11 – 5/14/2009.

Camp Teaches Kids How to Rock. CBS Channel 4 w/Raj Chohan, 11/28/2008.

Rock at the Dog House. CW2 Morning Show w/Chris Parente, 5/19/2008.

FoxLight: Rock & Roll Camp. Good Day Colorado, Fox31 News, 7/31/2007.

WB2 News Colorado, Morning Show w/Chris Parente. 5/1/2006.