Camp Testimonials

“We love Dog House! My son has participated in summer camps and workshops there for the last several years and just wants more. The ability of the instructors to help these kids find their creativity, create songs, maximize their musical ability, and get up on stage and be stars is always impressive. Participating with his band at Dog House has improved not only his musical ability, but also his confidence, creativity, sense of responsibility, and his ability to work with a group. Everyone we’ve come into contact with at Dog House, from the owner, administrative staff, and each instructor, has been incredibly helpful, professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and well-connected in the music industry. The instructors really seem to love what they do and somehow not only tolerate being in a room with a group of teenagers for 6 hours a day, but also make it productive!” (Parent)


“Out of 10, I give it a 10. The whole camp was a great experience and really opened my eyes to what the creative process is like. Working with Dave, as a bass teacher and as a band coach, was great. He was able to help with our equipment, ANY questions we had and really catered to our needs. The facilities were great! Easily the best equipment I’ve played through, plenty of volume, everything was in great shape, and there was plenty of room. As a musician, I think this camp was AMAZING for my abilities both solo and working with a group. Working with different people is a great experience and this camp gave me that opportunity and in a supportive environment.” (Student)


“It gave me confidence to write music and rehearse with people I don’t know.” (Student)


“It was definitely one of the most fun camps I went to this summer (believe me, I went to a lot) and I came back for seconds. It taught me how to make music with other musicians and that will be very useful for the future. And I learned how to take a better solo.” (Student)


“[Our daughter] had a great time, and we definitely thought it was a good experience. […] She definitely improved, and has gotten more enthusiastic.” (Parent)


“The camp was great….I really had a good time! It was definitely worth flying from Texas to attend. Sammy D. was a really good teacher; I learned a lot from him. It also helped to have someone in the room to offer suggestions while our band was practicing. I really felt like I left the camp as a much better guitarist than when I arrived. It was cool to play in a real studio with real Marshall stacks and everything, plus playing on the stage was awesome!” (Student)


“Thanks so much for providing the camps. It’s a tremendous outlet for teens. For our family it is quite expensive, but worth it.” (Parent)


“It was great; I enjoyed playing with the band. The teachers went beyond what they needed to. I was blown away by the amps. My growth as a musician is that I experienced what it was like to play in a band. I also grew in my singing capabilities. I wish I could go back again!” (Student)


“It was a wonderful experience for our son. He learned so much about being a musician. He had his first experience playing his bass and loved it.” (Parent)